Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Live Blog: Plymouth Argyle vs Notts County - 30 minutes

The tempo of the game has dropped over the last few minutes with Argyle, as ever, hitting the frontmen early and conceding possession too easily. The Radio Nottingham commentators are surprised that the Greens seem to be lacking confidence, especially considering Saturday's result. Nonetheless, the Pilgrims remain the only side creating chances as Duguid's half-cleared cross is limply poked wide by Anton Peterlin.

As irritating as it is that the Radio Devon commentary feed is working, it is interesting to listen to another radio station's perception of Argyle. The Radio Nottingham commentators sound pleasantly surprised that their side are keeping up with the Pilgrims. That would seem fairly pessimistic, considering the Greens home form over the past couple of seasons, but it might be something Argyle can use to their advantage over the next few months.

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