Thursday, 11 August 2011

Daily Update

The BBC are reporting that the Argyle staff and players have agreed to defer their wages for the month of August at the request of administrator Brendan Guilfoyle. This now means that the staff have received one full pay packet since January, whilst the players have are yet to be paid in full in 2011. The move should, theoretically, keep the liquidation wolf from the door for a few more weeks, and Brenda seems to have reverted to his standard line that he has been "assured that the money to complete the deal will be available next week." Which is in no way inconsistent with taking the preferred bidder to court just over 24 hours ago.

Speaking of which, both the Herald and the Guardian have published pieces on the rapidly deteriorating situation at Home Park. They don't make pretty reading.

Plymouth Pavilions has been confirmed as the venue for the Fans' Trust Save Our Club meeting. Peter Ridsdale and Brendan Guilfoyle have both confirmed their attendance, Kevin Heaney is yet to reply to his invitation, while Peter Reid has sent his apologies - apparently he has a football match to prepare for. The meeting gets underway at 11.30 on Saturday morning.

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