Sunday, 14 August 2011

Weekend Update

Around 800 supporters attended the Argyle Fans' Trust's Save Our Club meeting at Plymouth Pavilions on Saturday morning. All the reaction, feedback and key points are covered in the relevant thread on PASOTI. If you don't fancy trawling through all of that, the main gist of it seems to be:
  • According to Guilfoyle, Bishop International originally wanted a 14 day extension to the exclusivity agreement, but P & A have only granted them a week
  • Brenda doesn't believe that there will be any problem obtaining the Football League share The League have posed four questions and their lawyers will review the answers next week
  • The Contigency Plan will not get the four weeks they are requesting, should they be called upon
  • Graham Clarke brought a small boy on to the stage to ask Brenda to give James Brent the time he would need. This didn't go down well with Guilfoyle, nor many of those in the audience (judging by the response on PASOTI)
  • Guilfoyle said that whoever buys the club will be taking on £2.8m debts, a £1.2m trading loss for this season and £300k owed to the Plymouth Argyle Supporters Training and Development Trust
  • Apparently Heaney will use some form of bridging finance to fund the deal, while he waits to free up the rest of the cash from another property deal
Peter Reid's post-Rotherham thoughts are now available on the BBC Sport website, as are the 'highlights' of the Greens' 4-1 defeat.

If you want to read all the Argyle news without clicking on a load of links, why not head over to Greens On Screens' Daily Diary?

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