Sunday, 31 July 2011

Weekend Update

A few bits of bobs from the weekend...
  • The Green Taverners' Fun Day held today at Home Park was, by all accounts, a great success. Pictures are now available on Greens On Screen.
  • The Plymouth Argyle Supporter's Association London Branch (PASALB) met with Peter Ridsdale on Friday evening. A brief account of what went on can be found here. Most interesting/alarming was the Riddler's claim that Brendan Guilfoyle's boss would rather liquidate the club than reopen the process to new bidders. That seems hard to believe, seeing as Guilfoyle is now liable for the contracts that have been signed by the new players, but there you have it.
  • Images of the official kits (the ones due to arrive in September, not the interim ones that will appear from Saturday onwards) have appeared online, on the Football League website (of all places). The home kit in particular is a very smart effort, and far superior to either of the strips that Adidas produced.
  • Word on PASOTI is that Ben Gibson and Andres Gurrieri have agreed deals.
  • More trialists are expected to arrive tomorrow, according to the Riddler as reported by the Herald. One of them is sure to be A Big Bloke To Play Up Front - Ridsdale told the PASALB meeting that he's in negotiations to sign a centre-forward from a Premier League club (on a free, obviously). Apparently the player in question featured against Argyle whilst on loan in League One last season.
If you want to read all the Argyle news without clicking on a load of links, why not head over to Greens On Screens' Daily Diary?

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