Friday, 29 July 2011

Daily Update

Connor Hourihane has agreed to sign a two year deal with Argyle and will move to Home Park on a free transfer from Ipswich Town. The 20-year-old Irish midfielder impressed many with his performance against Truro City on Wednesday night, which he capped off by netting the winner. Hourihane will take the number 20 shirt for the coming League 2 campaign - the rest of the squad numbers are now up on the official site, although some shirts (the number 9 being a prime example) remain vacant.

As was rumoured yesterday, Brendan Guilfoyle has given the go-ahead for Argyle to register their new signings with the Football League. As Brenda would now have to assume liability for the players contracts if the club went out of business, you would think he's pretty confident that Argyle won't be liquidated any time soon. More details can be found on Meanwhile, the Herald are also reporting that Kevin Heaney has agreed to reveal the identity of his backers to the Football League, which has certainly delighted the Riddler, if no-one else. Apparently "everybody might be surprised that there's not as many people as you might think". Not really Peter, not really.

While we're on the subject of the intermable takeover saga - the word now is that the Sale and Purchase agreement, which was due to be completed on August 5th (a week today), has now been extended to August 31st. The Preferred Bidder's exclusivity, however, was meant to expire on either August 5th/12th, so it's unclear whether the Trust/Brent "Rescue Plan" bid can now talk to Guilfoyle. Judging by how the process has been run so far it seems unlikely, but you never know. The Trust ISC have released a statement on this topic, while there is a discussion thread on PASOTI here.

Intriguingly, Guilfoyle has apparently ordered his solicitors to monitor the Trust ISC's press comments after an email dispute with Trust Chair Chris Webb. You can read Chris' side of this story here.

Chief Executive in waiting David Jones has given an interview to the Herald, talking up Argyle's chances of making it back to the Championship. He doesn't give any timescale mind, nor any rough outline of how that might happen, but you can't deny it's a nice sentiment.

A couple of new transfer rumours have appeared on PASOTI. Middlesborough's 18-year-old defender Ben Gibson, nephew of Boro chairman Steve, is expected to join on loan imminently. This comes from PASOTI poster matteh, who has a good track record when it comes to these sort of things. He's also posted some details on his own Argyle website. Less encouraging is a post linking Argyle with former Hull, Leicester and Preston defender Wayne Brown. Let's just hope that one comes to nothing.

Finally, Rory Patterson has sealed his loan move to Linfield. Some of the details of what led to Patterson being threatened with dismissal by Brendan Guilfoyle have been reported by the Herald - it's a pretty shabby tale which you can read here.

If you want to read all the Argyle news without clicking on a load of links, why not head over to Greens On Screens' Daily Diary?

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